This Spring Lookbook is a collection of 10 looks that I designed, patterned and hand sewed for Portland Fashion Week 2013 and recognized as an emerging designer.  Marjorie Skinner of the Portland Mercury reviewed the collection as:

"Minimal, well tailored, and monochromatic, obviously a lot of talent here.."
-Marjorie Skinner, The Portland Mercury

Tayler Worrell of Style Interplay reviewed the collection as:

"Both a designer and a model, she has a clean aesthetic that bodes well with today's market. She took a really modern take on every day work wear. I mostly appreciated the level of detail and tailoring she executed in the jeans and blazers. As a designer myself, I know how much work it takes to make garments look so professionally made. Very impressed. I'd definitely wear that jumpsuit in grey. So sexy and professional."

Special thanks to Eric Wimberly, the fantastic photographer who shot this lookbook.  And to Skye Velten and Savannah Bigley, the fresh faces from Option Model and Media.